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Tom Foster

Tom Foster

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3-D Visual Tours….Are the new open house!

Buyers in 2018 are completely different than buyers from 2000.

So why do agents market homes like it is yesterday?


There was a time when traditional open houses made sense. That time has come and gone. Think about it logically. Say the typical agent does 2 open houses a month for 3 hours at a time. That is 6 hours’ worth of exposure per month……6 hours out of 720 hours a month? Doesn’t make much sense, does it? In addition, attendance at traditional open houses is way down. Those who do show up are: nosy neighbors, unqualified looky-loos, and would be thieves. So where are the real buyers? Yup you guessed it: They are on-line: On their computers, tablets or smart phones.

Is there a better way to showcase your home? Yes.Yes and Yes.


Introducing, the 3-D Visual Tour.  3-D tours have been around for a while. But only recently has the technology gotten real good. Now buyers can “walk” through the house as if they are actually there. They can have a 360 degree view, from floor to ceiling. Walk from room to room. In addition, 3-D images from neighboring attractions such as parks, and shopping districts can be featured. This new technology can be shared with co-buyers.


So why list with an agent who will offer you limited 3-6 hours a month exposure, when you can upgrade an on line open house available 24-7?


See the examples below.

Sometimes it can be hard to understand the layout of 2 story homes. See how easy it is to feel as if you are really here. Happy Valley Town Home

Homes with odd floorplans can hard to see how all the rooms connect. See how easy it is to get a feel for this, McMinnville Cottage

3-D Tours really showcase impressive homes. This Condo featured a 2 story wall of windows. See how the 3-D tour allows you to fully experience this Pearl District Live-Work


When you list your home with Tom, not only will you will get a 3-D Visual tour. You will get a second tradition automatic tour. See this home that was in a neighborhood with awesome parks nearby. This tour is perfect for showcasing these parks. Tualatin Home Next to Parks  


Don't settle for outdated marketing. Today’s buyer don’t respond to yesterday’s selling techniques. They are on social media, You Tube, and the various real estate sites. They demand up to date video…..24 hours a day.




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